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Senior Project Manager

Location: Bangalore

Software Services

Client Account Manager

Location: Bangalore


Senior Software Engineer

Location: Bangalore

Software Services.



Take on goals of others as our own, and work sincerely to
meet them, in a spirit of humility and trustworthiness.

Recognize other people, with a clear intent of helping them; not based on a contractual obligation or expect anything in return, seeking only acknowledgement of the benefit by the receiver.

Be transparent, upfront and engaged to bring about free flow of information relevant to the team’s agenda, goals or mission.

Demonstrate good stewardship of resources given to us, by constantly improving their value. While staying within parameters that have been given, we actively take on new opportunities, and aim to continually grow our contribution.

Act on explicit instructions with total consistency, in letter and intent (the underlying purpose of the instruction).

Proactively learn and train to grow in knowledge, insight and skills, always striving to raise the bar, while aiming to contribute full value to the organization.

Insight’s Employee Value Proposition

At Insight, you succeed both as professionals and as individuals thriving in an environment strongly tied to our core values. With the freedom to be fearless and innovate solutions we enable our employees to focus on cutting edge methods and technologies delivering value and directly impacting our clients' business around the globe.